Data Logger & Network Gateway


The Entek EDGE series Data Logger and Network Gateway (DL/NG) provides reliable logging of process or sensor data.

The data is stored in a compatible file format and is available for easy download from a local web page. The DL/NG includes a web server that provides a user interface for configuration of the device and retrieval and management of logged data files.

The unit is powered by standard instrumentation power sources (ie. nom 12 - 24 VDC), and includes an Ethernet port for connection to a local or private network.

Custom application logic can be provided for various sensor or input types and configurations, and for the required data and file formats.

A USB memory stick can optionally be inserted for external storage and retrieval of data.

Input types include Gated Pulse Count (ex. Flow meter), discrete on/off, and analog input with threshold or time interval trigger.

Data Logger