LTI Universal Laser Sensor


Designed with high accuracy, pinpoint precision and long-range capabilities, the Laser Technology ULS are fully programmable sensors allowing you complete control over your application.

The ULS has four primary measurement modes:
Averaging Mode: Sends out individual laser pulses and analyzes the travel time to calculate the distance. The number of pulses averaged for a given measurement can be configured by the operator.
Last Target Mode: Optimized for dense envriornments, such as dust or fog, sends out laser pulses and analyzes to calculate distance.
Detection Mode: Rapid pulse to pulse updates which are analyzed to detect the presence of fast moving objects.
Binning Mode: Allows for specific object targetting in the presence of other interfering objects by sending a burst of individual measurements and determining the specific target in the data set.

OEM versions (without an external case) are also available.

ULS Sensor