LTI S-Series Laser Sensor


The Laser Technology S-Series are low cost and highly configurable laser sensors that can be optimized specifically for your application.

With easy to use configuration menus, these laser sensors support detection, motion trigger, distance mapping, scanning, and guidance. Advanced pulse modes and multiple target detection are also supported.

The S-Series laser sensors come in a handful of models, offering various capabilities targetted at supporting your application. The S200 Series (S210 and S230) are designed for optimal performance in industrial applications including Security, Surveillance, and Plant Automation. The S300 Series (S310 and S330) are designed for non-contact fluid level measurement, perfect for Waste Management and Processing.

S-Series OEM versions (without an external case) are also available.

S200 Laser Sensor
S210 Laser Sensor
S230 OEM Laser Sensor
S300 Laser Sensor