Time Clock Controller


The TC2100 is a microprocessor controlled system that provides up to 4 output channels that can be used to control audible or visible signalling devices such as school bells or shift start/end indicators.

The TC2100 is also a web server, providing an easy to use web page interface for setup, manual control, and programming using only a web browser (ie. Internet Explorer). An Ethernet port provides the connection to the local network or the Internet.

All settings can be made by simple keypresses using the internal graphic LCD display. Easy to navigate menus provide access to event table and output settings. Settings are stored in internal Flash memory for high reliability and easy programming change. Access is password protected to avoid unauthorized access.

Settings may also be viewed or changed on convenient HTML pages or may be uploaded and downloaded into a convenient spreadsheet (ie. Excel) format for editing or viewing using a spreadsheet program.

An easy to use operator interface allows the user to set up to 100 events. Each programmed event can be filtered by time of day and day of the week, and specifies the output channels to activate, and the pulse duration. The pulse duration setting controls how long the output is activated (in seconds). Also, specific dates (such as holidays) can be excluded - disabling all output functions on those dates.


All outputs are isolated load rated relay contacts. Low voltage signalling devices may be driven directly from these contacts. All power and output connections are made by pluggable terminal strips for ease of installation.

The crystal controlled clock is accurate to within +/- 30 sec per month (at 25 C) and remains accurate during any power outage or loss of power by internal lithium battery. Automatic synchronization of the internal clock with world time standards is also possible by connecting the TC2100 via its Ethernet port to the internet. The TC2100 clock also adjusts for daylight savings time automatically (if applicable).

Analog synchronous or impulse type clocks as well as digital synchronize able clocks can be controlled by the TC2100. Consult the factory for specific details about various clock types and synchronization methods.

Manual control of any output channel(s) is possible via the front panel controls or by remote web page access. Activate one or all of the output channels manually with only a few simple keystrokes.

The TC2100 is designed to be installed through the face of an existing or new enclosure - in cases where the retrofit of an existing clock is desirable. It requires only 12 - 30 V (AC or DC) for power

The TC2100 provides many years of trouble free operation and is backed by Entek's full warranty and service support.