Industrial Remote Control


The D21 series of wireless remote controls is one of the most reliable, affordable, and secure industrial remote control systems available today.

These units are suitable not only for most crane applications, but also many other industrial and commercial applications including cement pumpers, mobile lifts, winches, tailgates, conveyors, tow trucks, doors, machinery, and even agricultural equipment. AC line and DC powered receiver versions are available. Even an optional analog or PWM output module may be added for controlling things such as motor speed, proportional valves, or setting PID controller.

Remote control function options may be programmed by the factory. Some of the programmable functions include: output function (normal, toggle, pulse, on, off), operating frequency, power on method, operator password, auto off, power save, alarm, interlocked or non-interlocked buttons, and more.

The Transmitter is available in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 button versions, with single or dual-step buttons. The dual-step buttons are useful for multispeed control or two stage applications. Standard AA batteries provide weeks of continuous operation. Optional rechargeable batteries may also be used. Transmitter range is typically up to 300', but may differ due to conditions. The transmitter buttons are environmentally sealed, and the glass fiber reinforced pendant style case will provide many years of reliable operation. The remote control system provides full internal diagnostics including detection of relay failure.

4.3 billion individual ID codes ensures multiple systems can operate in the same vicinity without conflict. Multiple TX can be set up to operate the same RX or one TX can operate multiple RX. The flexibility and low cost of the D21 Industrial Radio Remotes will surprise you.

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D21-2S/D Transmitter
D21-2S/D Transmitter
D21-4S/D Transmitter
DD21-4S/D Transmitter
D21-6S Transmitter
D21-6S Transmitter
D21-8S/D Transmitter
D21-8S/D Transmitter
D21-10S/D Transmitter
D21-10S/D Transmitter
D21-2S/D Receiver
D21-2/4/6 Receiver

Standard Features, Options and Specifications:

5 oz. for D21-2S, 2D
9 oz. for D21-4S, 4D, 6S
11 oz. for D21-8S, 8D, 10S, 10D

5.2” x 1.75” x .9” in. for D21-2S, 2D
6.2” x 2.4”x2” in. for D21-4S, 4D, 6S
7.25” x 2.4” x 2" in. for D21-8S, 8D, 10S, 10D

Control Range:
150 feet for D21-2S, 2D
200 feet for D21-4S, 4D, 6S
350 feet for D21-8S, 8D, 10S, 10D

Frequency Generation:
Crystal (plug-in)

Housing Material:
30% glass fiber-reinforced nylon-6

Button Life:
Tested to 2,000,000 operations

2 AA alkaline batteries

Input Voltage:
110/ 220 VAC, 12V to 24V DC

Housing Material:
30% glass fiber-reinforced nylon-6

-35 deg C to 75 deg C (-31 deg F to 167 deg F)

Relay Ratings:
Rated at 10 amps at 250 volts AC
All COM wires are fused at 10A in the D21 series
Total current drawn through relays (through the COM wire) must not exceed 10A